The Trade Union of Transportation Group organizes volunteer service activities for model workers

Release Time:2023-05-09 Views:1204 times

In order to play a leading and exemplary role as model workers and further promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship, the Trade Union of Transportation Group recently launched the "Model Workers Entering the East Bus Station to Assist in the Transformation and Development of Passenger Transport Volunteer Service" activity. National and provincial level model workers and representatives of various industry model soldiers of Transportation Group participated in the activity.

At the symposium, model workers based themselves on their positions and shared their experiences and feelings of striving, selflessly dedicating, and driving others in ordinary positions. Li Wen, a national model worker, initiated an initiative as a representative of the model worker, vowing not to forget his original intention, bearing in mind his mission, setting an example in the work of the enterprise, knowing the enterprise, loving the enterprise, and building the enterprise. He will work together from top to bottom, dedicating all enthusiasm and strength to the development of the group company. Everyone has expressed that they will take Li Wen, a national model worker, Jia Xiangming, a provincial model worker, and other model workers from Shandong Transportation University as examples, constantly motivate and motivate themselves, further enhance their sense of mission and responsibility in their respective positions, play a leading role in demonstration, and contribute to the transformation and development of the transportation group.

After the symposium, model workers and model soldiers went to the Jitu Express work site and the waiting hall to provide volunteer services. At the event site, everyone worked together, distributed express delivery, provided services to passengers, and helped elderly passengers carry their luggage... The warm service provided by the model workers on site received praise from a large number of passengers.

A model worker carries a banner, and they convey positive energy through practical actions, interpreting the model worker spirit of love and dedication, striving for excellence, hard work, innovation, indifference to fame and fortune, and willingness to contribute. They influence and lead cadres and employees to work hard, take on responsibilities, and work together with enterprises to overcome difficulties and seek common development.