Dongyin Investment Company Holds a Special Meeting on Safety Production Work

Release Time:2023-05-08 Views:1263 times

The meeting pointed out that we need to improve our political stance, adhere to the principle of putting the people first and life first, strengthen our awareness of safety production, establish a solid bottom line thinking, deeply absorb the lessons of recent safety production accidents, and make every effort to grasp and effectively implement safety production work.

The meeting requires that we should combine reality, highlight key points, conduct in-depth investigation and research, implement the full staff safety production responsibility system, focus on solving safety production risks and hidden dangers, and continuously improve the level of risk prevention work. We need to strengthen organizational leadership, clarify work responsibilities, carry out research work well, mobilize employees to adhere to the principle of innovation as the first driving force, accelerate the second quarter, and sprint to achieve six months of success. We must adhere to the leadership of party building, lead high-quality development with high-quality party building, gather the spirit and spirit of all staff to promote high-quality development, comprehensively transform the effectiveness of theme education and learning into a magnificent driving force to promote the high-quality development of the company, and fully promote the company's production and operation, reform and development, and party building to new levels and achieve new breakthroughs.