SDGT Holds a Symposium on the Selection and Appointment of the "First Secretary"

Release Time:2023-04-27 Views:1451 times

On April 27th, Liu Zhengxi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director, met with Li Xiaobo, Deputy Secretary of the Dongming County Party Committee, First Secretary of the County in the Village, and Team Leader of the Task Force, and a delegation. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on strengthening the exchange of "First Secretary" work and helping to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and effectively connect with rural revitalization. Yang Detao, Wang Ziyan, Meng Qingwei, and the person in charge of the company's organization department attended the meeting.

Liu Zhengxi welcomed the arrival of Li Xiaobo and his delegation, and expressed gratitude to the Dongming County Party Committee and County Government for their support and assistance during the work of the First Secretary in the village. He stated that Shandong State Investment Corporation firmly implements the relevant decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the work arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee, effectively fulfills the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, increases funding efforts, and contributes to building a model for rural revitalization in Qilu together with local governments. At the same time, Liu Zhengxi also encouraged the three "First Secretaries" to strengthen theoretical learning, continuously improve their work abilities, and steadfastly do good deeds and practical things for the people.

Li Xiaobo, on behalf of the Dongming County Party Committee and County Government, expressed gratitude for the strong support and hard work of the three "First Secretaries" of Shandong State Investment Corporation in promoting rural revitalization work in Dongming County. He hoped to take this symposium as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and exchange between the two sides. Li Jianhua, Director of the Organization Department Selection Office of Dongming County Party Committee, and Tian Li, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wushengqiao Town, Dongming County, respectively introduced the work of the three "First Secretaries".

After the symposium, Li Xiaobo, on behalf of the Dongming County Party Committee, presented the "Rural Revitalization State owned Enterprise Responsibility" thank-you banner to the company.