Luan Jian Investigated Shandong Dongfang Building

Release Time:2023-04-24 Views:1283 times

On April 23rd, Luan Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shandong State Investment Corporation, conducted a survey at Shandong Dongfang Building, emphasizing the need to play a leading role in party building, transform development concepts, innovate asset operation concepts, fully leverage synergies, and further enhance the value chain profitability. Chi Mingjie, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shandong Taifu Asset Company, accompanied the research.

Luan Jian visited the party building cultural wall, party member activity room, glazed culture theme restaurant and guest rooms of Shandong Oriental Building, listened to the report on party building and business development of Shandong Taifu Assets Company and Shandong Oriental Building, and fully recognized their achievements in strengthening party building and promoting the reform and reorganization of enterprises under unified supervision.

Luan Jian proposed five suggestions for the next step of enterprise development: firstly, we must adhere to strengthening party building, effectively play the leading role of party building, and lead high-quality development with high-quality party building. Secondly, we need to liberate our minds and change our mindset. Establish the concept of maximizing asset value, increase the vitality of asset liquidation, further optimize and integrate internal resources, expand service areas, and enhance market competitiveness. Thirdly, we need to innovate the concept of asset operation, explore the introduction of new formats and models, and enhance profitability. Focusing on the development of the main business, increasing innovation efforts, fully leveraging existing asset advantages, actively exploring the integration development model of hotel catering and other business formats, vigorously cultivating the "Oriental Glass Culture Characteristic Brand", and striving to achieve the "brand effect" of the enterprise. Fourthly, we need to fully leverage the synergy between the internal and external aspects of the company to form a development synergy. Strengthen cooperation with China Shandong Ocean Fisheries Company and explore the creation of the "China Shandong Tuna Experience Restaurant". Fully utilize the influence and radiating driving ability of the catering industry, promote characteristic business products, and enhance brand awareness and market share.