SDGT Holds an Economic Operation Dispatching Meeting

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On April 17th, Shandong State Investment Corporation held a scheduling meeting on the economic operation situation in the first quarter of 2023, to assess the current economic operation situation, analyze the situation faced, and arrange and deploy the next stage of work tasks. Party Secretary and Chairman Luan Jian attended the meeting and delivered a speech, while Vice Party Secretary and Director Liu Zhengxi presided over the meeting.

The meeting reported the financial benchmarking situation and overall economic operation of Shandong State Investment Corporation in the first quarter. 14 affiliated enterprises, including Huate Group, Dezhou Bank, and Chaoyue Information, reported on the economic operation situation in the first quarter based on their main work, highlights, achievements, shortcomings, and work plans. Dong Heping, a member of the Party Committee Standing Committee and Deputy General Manager, represented the company and signed a 2023 performance responsibility letter with each unit. The Standing Committee of the Party Committee, in conjunction with their respective work, gave a key speech on improving and enhancing management levels, striving for first-class state-owned enterprises, and high-quality development.

Luan Jian pointed out that since the beginning of this year, Shandong State Investment Corporation has been focusing on learning and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adhering to the principle of stability as the top priority, seeking progress while maintaining stability, paying close attention to safety management, scientifically organizing production, strengthening business control, vigorously improving quality and efficiency, steadily advancing key work, and achieving a good start in project construction, technological innovation, enterprise reform, and party building, achieving a stable start in the first quarter. However, there are still gaps and weaknesses in implementing the "three benefits" requirements of state-owned enterprises compared to domestic and provincial first-class enterprises, as well as high standards and strict requirements. It is necessary to benchmark and implement targeted strategies in the next work, striving to achieve overtaking on curves and winning the championship by pulling flags.

Luan Jian emphasized that first-class enterprises need first-class party building guidance. The more complex the situation and challenging the task, the more important it is to focus on and strengthen party building, and ensure high-quality development with high-quality party building guidance. Be a pioneer and lead by example in thematic education. We must adhere to problem orientation, strengthen strategic guidance, clarify development ideas, strictly control mechanisms, clarify development positioning, and adhere to the standard of "three benefits" to firmly strengthen, optimize, and expand state-owned enterprises.

Luan Jian requires all cadres and employees to have firm confidence, make persistent efforts, and make progress, face difficulties and challenges directly, do a solid job in the next three quarters, and spare no effort to complete the annual goals and tasks, in order to create a new situation of green, low-carbon, and high-quality development for the company with a sense of responsibility and dedication.

Firstly, optimize investment strategies. Identify the direction of strategic development, integrate resources, optimize and adjust investment strategies, grasp key investment directions, increase investment in high-tech and strategic emerging industries, rely on strategic emerging industry investment to drive the overall level of the company to improve, and continuously enhance the competitiveness of state-owned capital operation.

Secondly, we need to implement key breakthroughs. Relying on industrialization and securitization strategic products, we will focus on building industrial parks such as the "Sino Shandong Ocean Innovation Industrial Park", strengthen market operation, and create new economic growth points. We need to establish a dedicated work team, leverage the power of the company, integrate various forces, and focus on the implementation of key projects.

Thirdly, we need to strengthen resource integration. Make up the weak points of governance, innovate the management mode, constantly improve the profitability, take advantage of the momentum and seek benefits from the market. Through the coordination and joint development of the company, we can fully leverage our subjective initiative, form operational integration capabilities, and promote the improvement of investment and financing services.

Fourthly, we need to transform our business philosophy. Adhere to the focus on quality and efficiency, vigorously implement special actions to improve quality and efficiency, comprehensively improve the level of refined management, seek benefits from management, enhance profitability, and expand the company's profitability through asset operation linkage.

Fifth, strict risk prevention and control should be implemented. Adhere to bottom line thinking, effectively prevent risks such as safety, compliance, operation, environmental protection, and stability of petitions, and firmly hold onto the bottom line of avoiding major risks. Adhere to the goal of "zero tolerance" to lead risk prevention and control work, and rely on sound management systems and mechanisms to promote the improvement of the company's management level.

The meeting called on all party members and employees of Shandong Guotou Company to firmly establish the confidence and concept of "secondary entrepreneurship", and all units and departments should work together, work together, and create new brilliance on the new journey of high-quality development of Shandong Guotou.

Company leaders, assistant to the president, safety director, main responsible persons of various departments of the company, chairman, general manager, financial leaders of the affiliated enterprise, and main responsible persons of the entrusted public institution attended the meeting.